Who Are We?

We are a grassroots community movement looking to invoke pride, local patronage and service in the city of Lorain. Individuals, companies, and nonprofits are welcome to join in on the action by promoting local events, providing opportunities for the community to engage, and helping to build a culture of pride for our community.


Want to live Lorain Proud?

  • Join us at one of the upcoming community events  [link to website events]
  • Contact admin@lorainproud.com to post a new event
  • Contact admin@lorainproud.com with a way to improve our community and we’ll help you promote it!
  • “Like” & Interact with our Lorain Proud Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page
  • When you live Lorain Proud, share your pride on social media with #LorainProud
  • Patronize local companies



The Lorain Proud movement came about after a series of Charrette Discussions in Lorain. A “Charrette” is a French word for an open ended and collaborative series of grassroots meetings to bring positive change. Small steps can make a big difference and make our community better, so consider what you can do to help. Shop local? Attend an event? Mow a lawn? We are all about being positive! The original Charrette Discussions in March of 2017 were a collaboration of the Lorain Historical Society, Lorain County Community College, Lorain Public Library System, the Morning Journal and United Way of Greater Lorain County.


Who Manages this Website?

This website is run by a small group of volunteers who love Lorain and want people to be able to get information about events, activities, and any positive change happening in Lorain! We are not part of any organization. Contact us today if you would like to make a post about an event in Lorain.